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Emperor Fleet Liveaboards, Red Sea

Reefs & Wrecks (from Hurghada)

Abu Nuhas - Straits of Gubal - SS Thistlegorm - Ras Mohammed - Straits of Tiran - Ulysses and others

Please note: As a 21+ DIVES cruise, there's a good chance that you can enjoy 21 or more dives on a 7-day safari if you so wish. You must be a PADI Open Water diver or equivalent and you are expected to be able to complete each dive with your buddy or following the guide. The guides may not enter the water and remain on-board as surface support for some dives. However to get the most from the trip we suggest you are certified to dive to 30 meters and be PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent. The PADI Advanced course can be completed whilst on-board so be sure to pre-book.

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This itinerary presents the best of both worlds, where you visit famous wrecks in the northern Red Sea along with some stunning reef diving.

The famous horseshoe shaped reef of Shaab El Erg is a perfect example of the reefs on offer on this cruise with its beautiful hard coral garden and the chance to see dolphins.

Abu Nuhas has four well-known wrecks: Giannis D, Carnatic, the Chrisoula K ('tile wreck') and the Kimon M ('lentil wreck'), all offering spectacular dives and plenty of fish life.

In between wreck dives you will also visit the reefs of the Straits of Gubal, Gulf of Suez and those to the north of Hurghada. A variety of deep walls and hard coral gardens with an abundance of reef fish make them well worth a visit.

Night dives can be superb as Gubal Island offers protected anchoring for the night. A small wreck at 8-10 metres makes for a spectacular night dive with lionfish, scorpion fish and its resident giant moray eel as well as the wreck of the Ulysses. Next onto the Kingston lying at Shag Rock, the Carina lying close to Sha'ab Ali and the Dunraven at Beacon Rock.

Ras Mohamed lies on the southernmost tip of the Sinai and is one of the best kept National Parks in Egypt with waters full of nutrients, steep walls going down to a depth of 1000 metres attracting a large amount of big fish and earning itself a reputation as one of the top diving areas in the world. Whilst here, you may have the chance to dive at Shark Reef; a sheer wall falling into the blue, as well as the wreck of the Yolanda.

Jackson Reef, locally named the 'Aquarium', is Tiran's most popular dive with the 'Jackson Drift' being Sharm's' fastest and most exhilarating drift dive past a stunning wall bursting with prolific coral growth. Occasionally, in the summer months, a school of scalloped hammerheads can be seen. Thomas Reef gives you plunging walls covered with soft coral, gorgonians and colourful fish life. The west wall is darker with overhangs and caves full of glassfish and sweepers. A night dive at Gordon Reef promises various species of coral, small nudibranchs hidden in the crevices and the soft corals and a chance to see white tip reef sharks, eagle rays, octopus and different types of eel such as moray, peppered and gold edged morays.

Finally the most famous wreck in the Red Sea, the SS Thistlegorm, at Shaab Ali and including a night dive on Thistle. The Thistlegorm was sunk in 1941 after being bombed by the German Luftwaffe while on a mission to deliver a cargo of ammunition and other war materials to the British troops in North Africa.

From here the boat heads back towards Hurghada.

All dives sites are subject to divers' experience and weather conditions.

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Drop Off, Fan Corals - Photo by James Dawson
Giannis D Funnel - Photo by James Dawson
Ras Mohamed - Photo by James Dawson
Wreck Companionway - Photo by James Dawson
Rosalie Moller - Photo by René Lipmann
Thistlegorm - Photo by René Lipmann
Rosalie Moller - Photo by Ian Leiman
Dunraven - Photo by Ian Leiman