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Emperor Fleet Liveaboards, Red Sea

Fury & Elphinstone (from Port Ghalib)

Elphinstone - Fury Shoals Reef System

Please note: This is a 21+ DIVES itinerary.
Emperor requires that you have 30 logged dives to dive at Elphinstone and you are expected to be able to complete each dive with your buddy or following the guide. The guides may not enter the water and remain onboard as surface support for some dives. Elphinstone can be challenging with strong currents, so not for inexperienced divers. Adverse weather can affect dives on Elphinstone.

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Departing from Marsa Ghalib Port, this is a 'big' cruise with a short sail to start with to a dive site near to the Port, which is perfect for that first check dive. You then spend a week diving the Fury Shoals reef system with sites such as Abu Galawa Soraya, Sha’ab Maksour, Sha’ab Claude and that iconic site, Elphinstone with its sheer walls, as well as others.

Below are some of the sites that can be visited during your trip and your guides will ensure you get the best experience possible allowing for prevailing weather conditions.

At Fury Shoals the Wadi Lahmi reef system offers sites such as the Abu Galawa Soraya, a stunning reef with a small wreck of a 17mt sailing boat sitting at 18mt depth, still intact after more than 25 years, with lots of fish life. Soft and hard corals abound in sections of the reef and there are plenty of pinnacles to explore offering dive options at depths down to 24mt.

Abu Galawa Kebir is close to its smaller sister, Abu Galawa Soraya, and is famous for its tunnels and south plateau. The Tien Hsing Chinese tugboat wreck has some stunning soft and hard coral bouquets running its 34mt length. But the wreck is not the only reason to visit as the large reef provides plenty of opportunity for other dives along the walls and pinnacles; the tunnels are ideal for novice cave diver.

Sha'ab Maksur is a large and varied reef that is often compared to the Red Sea classic, Elphinstone, with steep drop offs and strong currents making it a dive where some diving experience is beneficial. North and South plateaus start at around 20 metres and extend to around 40 metres, although the plateau has some pinnacles that can be enjoyed on the ascent and safety stop. On the plateaus, and drifting down the east wall, you can encounter some species that make a proud entry in your log book, hammerheads, reef sharks, mantas and whale sharks have all visited Maksur!

Also in the Fury Shoals system, the Sha'ab Claude captivates divers and enthrals photographers with its shallow swim-through system, perfect for leisurely exploration. With five entrances and exits and shallow in depth, you're never 'lost' and can just enjoy the shafts of light dancing through the caverns. Rays, nudibranchs, large Napoleon wrasse and morays are all frequently spotted here; you may even see a white tip reef shark or turtle pass by.

Sha'ab Sataya is situated at the very south of Fury Shoals; this huge natural lagoon is formed by a massive reef (sha'ab) rising from the depths. The fame of Sataya is its steep drop offs along with pelagic sightings and protected pinnacles smothered in soft and hard corals. But the real stars can be the huge pods of spinner dolphins that frequent here, meaning Sataya has become the 'Dolphin House' of Hamata.

Elphinstone: Located approximately 30km from Port Ghalib, Elphinstone reef is 300m long with sheer walls richly covered in colourful pink and red soft corals and elegant red gorgonians descending to around 40m deep. Other areas of the reef have near vertical cliffs, overhangs, small caves and drop offs of up to 100m. Elphinstone is known to experience some strong currents attracting many diverse species such as; barracuda, angel fish, groupers, napoleons, morays, reef sharks and great shoals of dogtooth tuna and jacks. Occasional spottings include; dolphins, turtles, oceanic white tip, hammerheads sharks.

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Yacht wreck at Abu Galawa Soraya
Reef Scene
Oceanic Whitetip Shark - Photo by James Dawson
Diver at Elphinstone