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HUGE savings on Maldives liveaboards this summer PLUS some winter warmers for the Red Sea.

Look for our ‘RED’ hot sailings.

Up to 30% discount has been applied on selected summer sailings.

Check out our offer pages during Emperor’s Flash Sale:


  • Discount has already been applied to prices on the Schedule page
  • All the above offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.
  • Valid on new bookings received until 18 April.  
  • Liveaboard offer prices are available on a limited number of places per sailing and subject to availability.
  • Groups and full charters can be extended on application.
  • All bookings taken under a special offer are non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be redeemed against another service.  Normal payment terms apply. Cancellations made any time after payment is received normal cancellation policy applies.

    Now is the time to dive the Red Sea and the Maldives. More diving for less - win/win!

    Email TODAY and book your saving!

Red Sea & Maldives liveaboard special offers

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Red Sea Liveaboard Savings - FREE Nitrox

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FREE NITROX on all Emperor Red Sea and Maldives liveaboards.

01 - 08 June | Emperor Asmaa
Safaga, Brothers & Elphinstone
From Marsa Ghalib to Hurghada
€849 / £730

03 - 10 June | Emperor Superior
Get Wrecked
From/to Hurghada
€749 / £644

22 - 29 June | Emperor Superior
Reefs & Wrecks
From/to Hurghada
€749 / £644


Maldives Liveaboard Savings - FREE Nitrox

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FREE NITROX on all Emperor Red Sea and Maldives liveaboards.

09/04 - 16/04   Emperor Serenity   Best of Maldives   £1870/€2149
15/04 - 22/04   Emperor Voyager   Best of Maldives   £1478/€1699
16/04 - 23/04   Emperor Virgo   Best of Maldives   £1652/€1899
16/04 - 23/04   Emperor Serenity   Best of Maldives   £1739/€1999
21/04 - 30/04   Emperor Orion   Best of Maldives   £1739/€1999
22/04 - 29/04   Emperor Voyager   Best of Maldives   £1478/€1699
23/04 - 30/04   Emperor Virgo   Best of Maldives   £1652/1899

07/05 - 14/05   Emperor Serenity   Best of Maldives   £1565/€1799
13/05 - 20/05   Emperor Leo   Best of Maldives   £1217/€1399
14/05 - 21/05   Emperor Orion   Best of Maldives   £1348/€1549
14/05 - 21/05   Emperor Serenity   Best of Maldives   £1565/€1799
28/05 - 04/06   Emperor Orion   Best of Maldives   £1348/€1549
28/05 - 04/06   Emperor Serenity   Best of Maldives   £1565/€1799

» Click here for the full list of offers for a variety of dates or Book online here

FREE issues of new Scuba Diver magazine!

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Fancy getting two FREE issues of the new Scuba Diver magazine?

The team are offering a 2-issue free trial - just follow this link, fill in your details and they're yours!



Red Sea on FIRE! Best diving for a decade ...

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We divers know the sea is not an aquarium and that nothing can be guaranteed, but we also know that there are certain destinations to go to for the
best chances of diving with the big stuff.

The Red Sea has always been convenient, close and with reliable clear, warm waters. It has also always had the capacity to surprise, with sightings big and small every year to delight divers. Right now though, it is on a hot streak and is delivering delights that we haven't had since the pioneer days of Red Sea diving.

Nature often has cycles but could there be another reason for such amazing diving right now? Is it due to the reduced number of, not just divers, but water users up and down the Red Sea coast since the decline in tourism due to the 2011 and 2013 uprisings? Certainly there are many fewer dive boats on each dive site compared to the peak years of the early 21st century but not only that, there are many fewer watercraft, not as many bathers, less construction on the coast, less sewage and less chemical runoff all as a consequence of lower numbers.

Plus, conservation organisations such as HEPCA have been subsidising fishermen to encourage them not to fish in breeding seasons.

Could it be that all these factors are starting to produce a positive effect on the marine environment in the Red Sea? Well, we've now had excellent diving for more than a year so we certainly think so.

This newsletter is going to showcase the phenomenal sightings we have had – and to really prove a point we will only include pictures and videos from this June and July!

September through to November usually presents the best diving year on year. Sea temperatures are an average of 28-30C while air temperatures cool a little from the hot summer. The big life loves these months, and we cannot wait to see what's in store under the waves. With good flight prices available now for those three months, come and get some of the action with a truly welcoming team of guides and crew.

What's been showing in the Red Sea theatre...

Marsa Alam
Dennis returns!
June 2016

Not seen since 2014, Dennis the Dugong makes a welcome return in this video by guest, Chris Colliard.

Dennis the Dugong


Emperor Asmaa
Hammerheads at Daedalus
July 2016

A theatre of delights with hammerheads and happy guests.



Emperor Elite
Daedalus & Elphinstone
July 2016

Top of the tops diving, plenty of sunlight, warm water, excellent boats, professional and smiley team and affordable prices.

Daedalus & Elphinstone



Marsa Alam
Elphinstone day trip
July 2016

Oceanics get close up and personal in this video.

Oceanics at Elphinstone


Emperor Elite
Red Sea safari
July 2016

Everybody do the manta dance! Fabulous video with thanks to guest, Simon. Got your wavy arms ready?

Manta dance


Marsa Alam
Meet the dugong whisperer!
July 2016

Dive guide Taki gets it right most of the time. Here with dugong mum and her calf with thanks to Eric and Valerie Du Pont for the photos. Magical.

Meet the dugong whisperer!


Emperor Asmaa
The Big Friendly Giant
July 2016

Happiness is waving at a whale shark. Right here in the Red Sea. Not too far to travel for an experience of a lifetime is it?

Whale shark


Now all you need to do is get here!
Contact our really helpful team today.


Got any questions?

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We have the most wonderful, helpful and friendly team who are more than happy to answer any questions you have on diving the Red Sea or the Maldives.

You can contact them at

Or you can see some frequently asked questions here.

Dive the Thistlegorm - and more - from El Gouna

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Wreck Fest from El Gouna - Thistlegorm, Rosalie Moller and, of course, Abu Nuhas available from our El Gouna Dive Centre.

For summer 2016, you can get your heavy metal fix from our centre in El Gouna. With regular trips scheduled to the four wrecks of Abu Nuhas, the iconic Rosalie Moller and the world class underwater museum SS Thistlegorm, El Gouna is the diving place for wreck-heads and reef-lovers alike.

Aboard our well known safari boat, Pegasus, we offer variety galore to our guests like never before. Weekly scheduled trips to some of the best wrecks in the Red Sea as well as daily trips to the lesser dived reefs North of Hurghada mean a diving holiday full of the kind of diving you want.

Ghiannis D_NEW_8765 (Small).jpg


Abu Nuhas – 4 wrecks in one place; highlights are the Giannis D a 100 mt long cargo ship between 10-28 mt de

pth and the Carnatic, a nearly 150 year old steam powered P&O wreck at 18-27 mts.

Rosalie Moller – With the decks at 35 mt, the Rosie is an advanced dive but well worth it if you can. She is still very much intact, covered in life and standing upright this 108mt long vessel gives some iconic wreck diving views.

Thistlegorm waepon_Patrick Verhey (Small).JPG

SS Thistlegorm – The old lady herself. Previously only accessible by liveaboard or from Sharm El Sheikh, let us take you across the gulf to dive on this phenomenal piece of history at a time when very few others will be diving on her. With her best features in the 20-30 mt depth range, nitrox gives you a decent length of dive to visit the AA gun, props, tanks, locomotives and huge anchor. A second dive into the holds to see the trucks, rifles and motorcycles that never made it to the allies in WWII is simply magnificent.

*trips subject to weather, minimum numbers and extra charge. See our website, email us or ask your team in resort for details.

Visit El Gouna dive centre here or email

Our thanks to Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown of Frogfish Photography for a happy call out for the wreck of the Kudhimaa, just off the island of Machafushi in the Maldives.

Read all about it here.

And you can be there with Emperor Maldives

0416 Khudima wreck Machafushi.jpg




Take a liveaboard from Hurghada

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We have no fewer than five liveaboard cruises leaving from Hurghada, each offering something a little bit different. There are regular flights into Hurghada airport so we thought we would give you a quick overview of what's waiting for you...

Liveaboard from Hurghada

Famous Five Cruise
Rosalie Moller, Abu Nuhas, Thistlegorm, Ras Mohamed, Brother Islands, Salem Express.

Simply the Best
Elphinstone, Brothers, Deadalus Reef.

Reefs & Wrecks 21+ DIVES
Abu Nuhas, Straits of Gubal, SS Thistlegorm, Ras Mohamed, Ulysses and others.

Get Wrecked! (on request) 21+ DIVES
Explore the famous Northern Red Sea wrecks: Abu Nuhas, Ulysses, Rosalie Moller, Thistlegorm and others.

Safaga, Brothers & Elphinstone
Panorama Reef, Middle Reef, Abu Kafan, Salem Express, Brother Islands, Abu Dabab and Elphinstone.

» Click here to discover more

Discover our Red Sea Liveaboards

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Emperor Elite

She's custom-designed and welcomes up to 24 guests in 11 twin-berth ensuite cabins with air conditioning and flat screen TV with media player. There's plenty of space and limited free WiFi, sundecks, dive deck, air-conditioned salons and dining room with good food and free wine with dinner. Two large RIBs and FREE Nitrox. Transfers included.


·         Simply the Best

·         South & St Johns

·         Reefs & Wrecks

·         Safaga, Brothers & Elphinstone


» Discover Emperor Superior

Emperor Superior

Nine twin-berth ensuite cabins comfortably welcoming 25 guests. Spacious dining and salon areas and limited free WiFi. Outstanding menus, sundecks, dive deck, FREE Nitrox. Transfers included.


·         Fury & St Johns

·         Brothers & Elphinstone

·         Safaga, Brothers & Elphinstone

·         Reefs & Wrecks


» Discover Emperor Asmaa

Emperor Asmaa

Completely refurbished in January 2015, she's designed with the diver in mind and welcomes 20 guests in 10 twin-berth ensuite cabins. There's a large dive deck and sun deck. FREE Nitrox. Transfers included.


·         Fury & St Johns

·         Brothers & Elphinstone

·         Safaga, Brothers & Elphinstone

·         Reefs & Wrecks


Max your diving! Look out for 21+ DIVES or MAX
21+ DIVES shows you the trips that have previously achieved 21 or more dives in 7 days. On our MAX itineraries we aim to offer up to 28 dives in the summer and most trips do 25/26 but in the winter, realistically only 24 are possible.

Single Travellers Guarantee
We guarantee same sex cabin share on our boats. If we can't 'room' you with someone of the same sex and a cabin is free then we will give you a cabin to yourself with no single supplement.

Diving in a group?
We have some good group discounts available on all our liveaboards.


Return to the Planet of the Sharks!

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Report from Emperor Elite by dive guides/astronauts Ana and Sergio

October 23rd 2015. 22 intrepid and brave astronauts, coming from the most remote places of the galaxy, joined in the greatest adventure of the century aboard the spatial cruiser, Elite, departed from Port Ghalib to explore the wonders of the Planet of the Sharks…    

Pilar and Hawksbil  turtle by Sergio.JPG

On the way our Mother Ship stopped at Ras Torombi asteroid to check the skills of the astronauts and materials for the mission. After successful tests nobody can stop this intrepid group in their adventure.   

Day 2 in the mission: We wake up at Little Brother with the space conditions completely quiet. Aboard our shuttles. the zodiacs, we head North to visit the cleaning station and the inhabitants of the planet welcome us with a shark’s festival. A group of grey reef sharks swim around and a thresher shark passes by to say hello, not bad for the first foray. For the second dive we visit the beautiful Gorgonians’ forest in the east side of the Little Brother and to finish the dive we had a special guest; an oceanic white tip shark AKA Longimanus who showed up to pose for our cosmic photographers! To finish the day in Little Brother we needed to move the spatial cruiser to the north due the cosmic wind. We jumped into the depths from Elite and explore again the cleaning station and the west face of the reef where some of us spotted a shy hammerhead in the distance. To say goodbye to Little Brother we had a last minute surprise. When we were about to jump into the shuttles, an oceanic white tip shark just came to say goodbye our astronauts. Time to move to Big Brother!

Day 3 in the mission: In our visit to Big Brother we paid a visit to the two space cruisers which rest in peace in the Big Brother’s asteroids belt: Numidia and Aida. The dwellers of this galaxy, the fusiliers, the barracudas, the surgeon fishes, the rainbow runners and all kind of creatures you can imagine are always willing to show up and pose for our cosmic photographers. Of course, we didn’t forget to explore the south plateau of Big Brother and our exploring foray couldn’t be more successful. We saw a couple of Thresher sharks, which stay with us for a while circling over the sacred hill of the Big Brother plateau! Lamentably our air reserves started being low and we needed to go back to Elite to refill our astronaut equipments.

Oceanic white tip shark by David Barrio.jpg

Days 4 & 5 in the mission: Daedalus is the biggest region of the planet of the sharks and we spent two days exploring thoroughly. This is the region of the hammerheads and they don’t keep us waiting long to show up. In the first exploring mission we enjoyed the company of a big family (at least 20) of these friendly beings. Five more missions here to see the giant coral, Nemo City, where these tiny and nice inhabitants always smile when the astronauts come around and the south plateau, which has also many things to offer to the explorers and where we made the last exploring mission in Daedalus.

Last day in the mission: To finish our adventure we head to Elphinstone asteroid. Is not easy diving in this region of the planet of the sharks but always worth it. For the first foray we head north, the cosmic current pushes us close. We speed back to Elite and on the way we can see tons of anthias and fusiliers, a bait ball of sardines and many different species of the galaxy. The second foray is over the south plateau of the asteroid where we spotted a turtle feeding on the galactic corals and to finish our visit, a curious group of oceanic white tip sharks come to us to check who we are. The mission is about to finish and on the way back to our headquarter Elite stopped at Marsa Shouna. A quiet galactic oasis where we can enjoy the hospitality of some huge dark spotted rays over 2m long in the seagrass field and explore the reef of the fishes where millions of different species lives in peace!

A perfect end for the biggest space adventure ever told.

We want to say thank you so much to our intrepid astronauts from different planets all over the galaxy. Italy, USA, Denmark, UK, Germany and a big group from the planet Ultima Frontera, which belongs to the galaxy Spain. It was wonderful have you on board of Elite this stellar week and visit with you the planet of the sharks.

Huge thanks to our fantastic commander Mahmoud. Taking us during long nights to the remote places of the solar system and mooring the spatial cruiser Elite always in the best spots. Thanks Capi! Thanks also to our magnificent and hard-working Crew: safe, professional, efficient and always smiling. Thank you guys, this would be impossible without you. Special thanks to Adel and David Barrio for contributing with their fantastic photos to our Facebook page.

Take care. Safe trip back home. We hope see you soon again. Hugs from the depths of the Red Sea!

Sergio & Ana

See more photos from the trip here.



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