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Red Sea on FIRE! Best diving for a decade ...

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We divers know the sea is not an aquarium and that nothing can be guaranteed, but we also know that there are certain destinations to go to for the
best chances of diving with the big stuff.

The Red Sea has always been convenient, close and with reliable clear, warm waters. It has also always had the capacity to surprise, with sightings big and small every year to delight divers. Right now though, it is on a hot streak and is delivering delights that we haven't had since the pioneer days of Red Sea diving.

Nature often has cycles but could there be another reason for such amazing diving right now? Is it due to the reduced number of, not just divers, but water users up and down the Red Sea coast since the decline in tourism due to the 2011 and 2013 uprisings? Certainly there are many fewer dive boats on each dive site compared to the peak years of the early 21st century but not only that, there are many fewer watercraft, not as many bathers, less construction on the coast, less sewage and less chemical runoff all as a consequence of lower numbers.

Plus, conservation organisations such as HEPCA have been subsidising fishermen to encourage them not to fish in breeding seasons.

Could it be that all these factors are starting to produce a positive effect on the marine environment in the Red Sea? Well, we've now had excellent diving for more than a year so we certainly think so.

This newsletter is going to showcase the phenomenal sightings we have had – and to really prove a point we will only include pictures and videos from this June and July!

September through to November usually presents the best diving year on year. Sea temperatures are an average of 28-30C while air temperatures cool a little from the hot summer. The big life loves these months, and we cannot wait to see what's in store under the waves. With good flight prices available now for those three months, come and get some of the action with a truly welcoming team of guides and crew.

What's been showing in the Red Sea theatre...

Marsa Alam
Dennis returns!
June 2016

Not seen since 2014, Dennis the Dugong makes a welcome return in this video by guest, Chris Colliard.

Dennis the Dugong


Emperor Asmaa
Hammerheads at Daedalus
July 2016

A theatre of delights with hammerheads and happy guests.



Emperor Elite
Daedalus & Elphinstone
July 2016

Top of the tops diving, plenty of sunlight, warm water, excellent boats, professional and smiley team and affordable prices.

Daedalus & Elphinstone



Marsa Alam
Elphinstone day trip
July 2016

Oceanics get close up and personal in this video.

Oceanics at Elphinstone


Emperor Elite
Red Sea safari
July 2016

Everybody do the manta dance! Fabulous video with thanks to guest, Simon. Got your wavy arms ready?

Manta dance


Marsa Alam
Meet the dugong whisperer!
July 2016

Dive guide Taki gets it right most of the time. Here with dugong mum and her calf with thanks to Eric and Valerie Du Pont for the photos. Magical.

Meet the dugong whisperer!


Emperor Asmaa
The Big Friendly Giant
July 2016

Happiness is waving at a whale shark. Right here in the Red Sea. Not too far to travel for an experience of a lifetime is it?

Whale shark


Now all you need to do is get here!
Contact our really helpful team today.


Got any questions?

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We have the most wonderful, helpful and friendly team who are more than happy to answer any questions you have on diving the Red Sea or the Maldives.

You can contact them at

Or you can see some frequently asked questions here.

Dolphin delights at Marsa Alam, Elphinstone

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Enjoy this beautiful video of dolphins by the boat, Isa, with the Marsa Alam team on the way to Elphinstone recently.

Guests also saw a hammerhead and grey reef shark and divers taking a third dive of the day had Dyson the dugong swim past them on Farsha Sahab. It was dive guide, Boody's, really lucky day - and our guests were rather happy too!

There are many ways to get to Elphinstone with us; either privately guided, on a course such as Drift Speciality or even AOW dives.

Email us and join us soon.


Dolphin video


» Watch those dolphins right here

Watch! Maldives manta video...

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Manta video from guest on Emperor Atoll

Watch this great video by Dan Petrescu from his trip on Emperor Atoll on the Sharktastic route recently ... which is also mantatastic!

As you will see!

Emperor Atoll video


>> Discover more about diving the Maldives and Emperor Atoll here

0715 Orion anchored at sea ext.jpg

Thanks to guest Daniel French for this fabulous video taken whilst staying for nine days on one of the new Emperor fleet liveaboards, Orion, recently on the Deep South & Southern Sharks trip.

Just look at the masses of information that Daniel has shared re the dive sites and marine life sightings! Well worth watching.

>> Watch here now


Emperor Elite trip. 15 - 22 January. Elphinstone,The Brother Islands, Safaga. 

Come with us in this fab video by dive guide, Sergio, as we leave port and find the magic of the Red Sea.

Click here to watch the video.

0507 oceanic white tip shark.jpggreat video from our dive guide, Sergio. Dive with sharks, sharks and thresher sharks, eagle rays and a few more swimmy things.

Just 'the best' trip on Emperor Elite 'Simply the Best' from 13-20 November. 

Watch the video right here and enjoy!

(Note: photo above isn't from the video but just to whet the appetite!)

Octopus puts on amazing display in Marsa Alam

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Thanks to Luke Atkinson for sharing this on Emperor Divers Marsa Alam Facebook page (where there are so many fab videos, we just can't show them all).

"Octopus, octopi, octopodes or octopuses - call them what you want but we all agree they are amazing to watch when on full display mode. This one showing off for J - a GoPro sponsored videographer - aka 'superjohnnyadventurepants' right here in Marsa."

Octopus, Marsa Alam

» Watch it here!

Fab Maldives video - close encounters

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Watch it!

maldives video screen shot crop.jpg


Maldives encounters with manta rays, whale shark, turtles, nurse sharks, reef sharks. All this in just one week on the best value-for-money, service-orientated, fantastically guided liveaboard in the Maldives...Emperor Atoll.

Filmed and edited by Vidar Skålevik a GoPro Hero3 with flip filters from Backscatter and lights from I-torch (Venom 38).

Click here and enjoy

Read more about diving with Emperor Maldives here.




Pierre Eklund shared the 'dive of his life' with this super video shot at Daedalus Reef.

Click below to see his video of hammerheads and friends!

Hammerheads and friends
(Click the image to watch the video)



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