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Superior's dive guide, Sonia Goggel, shares the joys of yet another happy trip ...


A brimming photo album is on our Facebook page here. Our thanks to Frederico Pereiram, Sara and Carlos for these simply fabulous photos.


Diver at the wall (Medium).JPG

With our dive deck densely occupied by oxygen and helium tanks, twin sets and bail-outs, we moved up north for some technical diving. Cat and Chris from Tekstreme, in charge of technical diving and courses, had six disciples with them. I was the lucky guide of the very VIP number of five recreational divers. Luckier even, they were all excellent divers. Looking very promising, we headed up to Um Gamar Island for our first tek and rec diving.

The tek group consisted of British, Swiss and Dutch divers; my recreational group of five was a mini UN, again: Spanish, Portuguese, British and Australian. We were all one tank bubblers except for Ricky, the Australian, who had just finished his rebreather course with Cat.

Going slowly, we explored the soft coral and glassfish pinnacle of Um Gamar and enjoyed the anthias swimming in the current, and some really large free-swimming morays.

After a great Gubal Barge night dive, we did Bluff Point as an early morning dive. As opposed to the last trip, when the first glassfish cave was a bit empty, this trip was full with a very large school of tiny glassfish. The second crack was still full with glassfish and had the same school of about forty lionfish hovering about on the inside and outside, a truly stunning sight! We visited our yellow-mouth moray friends again, and found beautiful Flabellina rubrolineata and Risbecia pulchella nudibranchs.  There were also clouds of fusiliers streaming along the reef, coloring everything a vibrant blue.

The tekkies had a lot of studying and planning to do while the “rekies” were diving, sleeping and reading, actually having a real holiday ;-)

Two dives on the Rosalie Moller were next on the wish list. Strong wind made it all a bit rough, so we had to tie a few lines on the wreck to stabilize the boat and make diving easier. The bow, covered in glassfish and cardinals was gorgeous, as was of course the aft mast, with all the huge soft corals, glassfish, silversides and cardinals, a magnificent sight! We also had our mouths and hands thoroughly cleaned by Cave cleaner shrimps.

After the Rosie we crossed the shipping channel and slept at Beacon Rock, to be ready to dive on Shark Reef and Yolanda early morning. We descended right into the large school of twin-spot snappers and stayed with them for quite a while before drifting gently along the magical wall of soft corals of Shark Reef, passed a large school of big-eye jacks, and on to Yolanda, where we had a wonderful time amongst clouds of anthias and more soft corals … another bliss dive at Shark and Yolanda Reefs!

Jackson was next, with us “rekies” doing the southwest point, while the tekkies went visiting the deep bits of the wreck of the Lara. We all enjoyed the magnificent reef and wreck, with hardly any current, so lucky!

The deep Thomas Canyon was next for the tekkies, while we drifted gently along the superb reef, with its glorious soft corals and fans, and its tons of fish, truly a perfect dive!

It was back to Ras Mohamed’s Ras Zaatar after that. We enjoyed the impressive topography of chimneys, shallow caverns filled with glassfish and deep overhangs, everything covered in soft corals and fish… always such a beautiful dive!

As the tekkies had not dived Shark Reef and Yolanda yet, we went back again, but the “rekkies” jumped in at Anemone City this time, and had again the absolutely best dive of the week … a gentle drift along Anemone City with tons of anthias, three-spot dascyllus and lovely anemonefish, then shallow onto Shark Reef, were we sat amongst the twin-spot snappers for ages, so close… batfish, big-eye jacks and yellow-dotted trevallies also swam by. To finish the dive we crossed the saddle to Yolanda in the shallows, finding a crocodilefish, a napoleon and a huge free-swimming moray, and ended up on the South-Eastern side of Yolanda, where we hovered in the dense anthias layer, reaching all the way from the surface to eight meters …  heavenly!

We hope Tekkies and “Rekkies” had a great time diving with us, deep and shallow, wrecks and reefs. It was great to meet you and to share the marvels of the Red Sea with you! We hope you will come visit us again soon! Thank you so much for choosing Emperor Superior and Tekstreme for your Red Sea diving holiday and technical courses!

A great thank you also goes to our superb Captain Ahmed Omran and his hardworking Crew! Thank you for taking us there and back safely and for carrying all those extra tanks ;-)

Wishing you a safe journey home and happy bubbles, always!

Sea hugs,






The M26 saga - differences in valves - be aware!

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1113 M26 valve.jpg



An important read for all European divers travelling outside of Europe. Please read and share to all your diving friends with regards to the differences between the well known DIN 5/8's valves and the european M26 valves.

Click here to read the full report on Tekstreme...


After a week of intensive training, Tekstreme is pleased to announce that all BSAC students and instructors passed their courses with flying colors.

From the Open Circuit side of technical diving, under the close supervision and direction of BSAC Technical instructors Ray McKee and Brian Smith, the week of training ran very smoothly. The students enjoyed dives on reefs such as Tower Reef and Woodhouse Canyon with the weather proving to be fantastic for most part of the week with crystal clear warm waters that remained calm and flat.

From the Closed Circuit side of technical diving, BSAC's Mike Rowley provided his expertise, tuition and knowledge to help the divers achieve their CCR advanced mixed gas instructor certificates.


IMG_0009 BSAC divers pass courses.JPGCongratulations to BSAC divers on completion of:
Peter Moody - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Diver
Peter Huntley - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Diver
Steve Capes - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Diver
Tony Smyth - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Diver
Charlie Leeson - CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor

Congratulations also to Tekstreme technical instructors on completion of:
Cat Parfitt - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor
Sarah Woodford - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor & CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor
Chris Armstrong - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor & CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor
Shaun Lambert - OC Explorer Mixed Gas Instructor
Steve Hinton - OC Sports Mixed Gas Instructor

Said Tekstreme Manager, Cat Parfitt, "Personally I would like that to pay special thanks to Mike Rowley for giving us his time, experience and guidance in all aspects of the week. His in depth explanations, historical insights and general diving knowledge reflects his position and respect within the technical diving community.

Tekstreme is working very hard alongside BSAC to promote and provide technical training to offer UK divers a warm-water experience. Our BSAC Technical training centre can provide a base for instructors to teach their students. We can provide the support and local knowledge to make instruction easier.

Find out more at or email


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Emperor Divers and Tekstreme are giving adventurous divers the chance to join the platinum liveaboard, Elite, on its exploratory trip to the Red Sea's Deep South on 16 - 23 April.

nitrox diver.jpgSailing from Hamata port to destination unknown, we will be exploring some of the reef systems and Habilis further south of St John's where normal safari boats don't venture.

Technical divers are welcome on the trip to help explore, map and discover new dive sites in the most southern area of the Red Sea.

Cost is 1300 Euros per person, which includes cabin, 7 nights on board (last night either on board or in a hotel), 6 days diving (min 3 dives/day, last day 2 dives), local transfers, guide, weights, full board & soft drinks, wine with dinner, environmental tax, Marine Park fees and port departure fees. Not included: Flight/visa, diving equipment, alcohol.  

Email for more information.

Save 30% - equal to 240 Euros

Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures combined course

nitrox diver.jpg5-day course
Hurghada only

Special price: just 448 Euros -

save 240 Euros

Course must be taken by December 31, 2009
Includes: all tanks, equipment & gas
Extras: certification & manuals

More course information here

TEKSTREME - the next generation

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techcavesm.jpg2009 has proved to be a year of changes for Emperor Divers and their technical arm, Tekstreme Diving. Long has Emperor been able to boast one of the most well-established professional Technical diving operations, with much credit going to the expertise and experience from the Manager at the time, Aaron Bruce.  Aaron was with the operation for nine years, training the team to extremely high standards resulting in Tekstreme Diving having such a first-class reputation.

Aaron, along with fellow Instructor Chris Berry, has now branched out to create their own Technical centre, which has a large emphasis on the world of Rebreathers. So what does that mean for Tekstreme Diving? It means the "Next Generation".
What Aaron leaves is a team of Technical Instructors that will lead the way and maintain and grow the excellent character and service of Emperor's Technical department.

cat 0909 sm.jpgThe team now falls under the watchful eye of Cat Parfitt (pictured left and below). Cat has been with Emperor Divers for eight years working as a safari guide and Instructor. She began her diving career many years ago by doing a try dive with Emperor Divers. Since that point she has completed all courses under the Emperor umbrella with her Technical Instructor courses under Aaron. Cat's main drive and focus over the last five years has been to establish herself within the Tekstreme Team and with a mentor such as Aaron she could not have wished for any better guidance.
Tekstreme Diving will continue to offer technical courses, technical guiding and safaris in all Emperor's centres. "We welcome new and existing friends and guests to dive with our team, which is bursting with enthusiastic, professional instructors who have a strong commitment and passion forCat profile diving 0909 sm.jpg what they do," explains Cat.

You can keep up to date with recent events and special offers by checking out the web site Or join the Tekstreme Diving Facebook group with postings on the most recent diving courses with a variety of on-land and underwater photos. Your input is welcomed so that the Team can provide an extensive information source for the diving community. 

"Take care to all, happy diving and we hope to see you soon with us here at Tekstreme Diving."

Cat Parfitt and the Tekstreme Team

At last returning Marsa Alam guest, Neil Ball, finally went over to the dark side! After many visits to MA he finally had a Rebreather Try Dive to dispel all those questions and preconceptions. After a few 'chipmunk cheek' moments (try one and you will understand) he got the hang of it and loved the experience and gained a new respect for divers that use them. So the next time you're planning a trip to one of our centres and fancy trying something completely different just let us know before you arrive and we will explain all.
by Daniele Zanoni

Nowadays there are quite a few divers using "Nitrox", and the numbers are increasing all the time. Some of them dive on a regular basis and have therefore mastered the technique used to analyse the blend correctly. Others do not dive very often and tend to forget some critical steps that will give the correct reading without damaging the oxygen analyser. So, let's revisit what you should do before you dive with Enriched Air Nitrox.

New Tek safaris 2009

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They're becoming increasingly popular!

teccavesm.jpgMore and more requests are being made for Tek safaris from individuals as well as groups. Of course, we have listened and are offering dedicated Tek safaris this year.

For more details contact Stephie at or

Marsa hits a century!

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Gary Ball, Dive Centre Manger, reports...

"Since Emperor Marsa Alam became a fully operational Tekstreme facility the 100m dive has always been in the planning. Last month a staff team consisting of Chris Berry, Aaron (Pina Colada) Bruce, Nick Hough and Gary Ball (me) finally made the dive! With the help and hard work of Captain Ashraf and his crew of Isa the dive was made one very calm morning just after sunrise. A big thank you goes out to all the ground team for humping the tanks for the four training days before and to everyone who helped with a historical dive at the centre. Great team, great dive!"



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