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Nuweiba's Ghost Pipefish is no apparition!

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Nuweiba Dive Centre Manager, Ute Friedrich, reports...

Never before have I seen one here, but just the other day in Ras El Shetan, I found the robust ghost pipefish. And what made it even better is that I was diving with Barnsley BSAC Divers. It took a little while to get everyone to recognise that this little thing was indeed alive and well and not some masquerading piece of ghostly seaweed!

David Patchett, Diveleader of the group, happily confirmed that none of the group members had ever seen anything like it before.

And the icing on the cake was that the same group saw two seahorses the day before in Magana!


After a week of intensive training, Tekstreme is pleased to announce that all BSAC students and instructors passed their courses with flying colors.

From the Open Circuit side of technical diving, under the close supervision and direction of BSAC Technical instructors Ray McKee and Brian Smith, the week of training ran very smoothly. The students enjoyed dives on reefs such as Tower Reef and Woodhouse Canyon with the weather proving to be fantastic for most part of the week with crystal clear warm waters that remained calm and flat.

From the Closed Circuit side of technical diving, BSAC's Mike Rowley provided his expertise, tuition and knowledge to help the divers achieve their CCR advanced mixed gas instructor certificates.


IMG_0009 BSAC divers pass courses.JPGCongratulations to BSAC divers on completion of:
Peter Moody - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Diver
Peter Huntley - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Diver
Steve Capes - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Diver
Tony Smyth - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Diver
Charlie Leeson - CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor

Congratulations also to Tekstreme technical instructors on completion of:
Cat Parfitt - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor
Sarah Woodford - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor & CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor
Chris Armstrong - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor & CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor
Shaun Lambert - OC Explorer Mixed Gas Instructor
Steve Hinton - OC Sports Mixed Gas Instructor

Said Tekstreme Manager, Cat Parfitt, "Personally I would like that to pay special thanks to Mike Rowley for giving us his time, experience and guidance in all aspects of the week. His in depth explanations, historical insights and general diving knowledge reflects his position and respect within the technical diving community.

Tekstreme is working very hard alongside BSAC to promote and provide technical training to offer UK divers a warm-water experience. Our BSAC Technical training centre can provide a base for instructors to teach their students. We can provide the support and local knowledge to make instruction easier.

Find out more at or email


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